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Events & More - Winter
Events & More - Winter

The winter mit EVENTS & more

Team building event with GPS

Adventure Teamwork

The GPS Winter Rally combines activity in the fresh air with a hilarious “winter expedition” amongst the surroundings of St. Anton am Arlberg. Following training with the GPS equipment, you will discover different stages with exciting tasks.

Tackle “dangerous” obstacles together, such as the Acid Lake or the Spider Web. Our motto reads: “Together toward Success”! The GPS team building event is an adventure which can be individually adapted for large and small teams.

Avalanche Camp

“How did it happen?” is usually the first question following an avalanche! To help you avoid ever getting into such an emergency situation, we offer our Avalanche Camp. We can show you how to correctly assess the dangers in the alpine area: with EVENTS & more – we offer individual Avalanche Camps for beginners as well as advanced so that you can fully enjoy the fascination of deep snow skiing and Freeriding.

Take the opportunity of learning important elements in theory and of putting them into practice:

  • Correct interpretation of the avalanche report
  • Explanation of the emergency equipment and handling
  • Transceiver search
  • Introduction to meteorology

    • Snow and avalanche awareness
    • Danger signs in the area
    • Route planning
    • Snow profile (release test)
    • Snowpack analysis
    • Examples of accidents
    • Risk management

Winter Biathlon with bow and arrow

You and your team will complete a circuit on cross-country skis and demonstrate not only speed but also accuracy with a bow and arrow at the shooting range. In the end time and points count – for the whole team.

Winter Olympics

Relay race, long jump, tug-of-war, steeplechase, archery, snow golf, crossbow shooting, snow football, volleyball, Snowfox or Snowbike races, snowshoe race or a classic “Jux Rennen” – you can arrange your own unique Winter Olympics with or without our assistance. We would be happy to advise you!

Fun Race

A course will be set on an easy slope with various tasks such as:

  • Hoopla
  • Tin Can Alley
  • Dice
  • Under the Arches
  • Small jumps
  • and much more ...

The course is negotiable with all winter sports equipment and it requires skill and speed. Fun is placed firmly at the heart and this is particularly guaranteed with couple scorings.

Ski Race

We can organise a Giant Slalom or a Slalom especially for you: Trained coaches set the course and we also provide:

  • Closed area
  • Time keeping
  • Gate judges
  • Results list
  • Awards ceremony
  • Medals

An event for old and young, for professionals or less practiced skiers. All can be divided into different classes.

Snowshoe Hiking

Anyone who has experienced the charm of a snow-covered winter landscape away from the beaten track, knows that snowshoe hiking is an unrivalled outdoor adventure. We recommend good equipment (winter proof clothing and strong footwear, etc.).

You can leave the route planning to us. Depending on individual ability, weather and snow conditions, we will find you the ideal tour to the most beautiful places in our region.


Sit down and off you go! With two short skis on your feet, sit on the Snowfox or look cool on the Snowbike and following a brief demonstration by a professional coach you can already enjoy getting down the mountain. If this is too difficult, then Snowtubing might suit you better. Sit on it, set off and have a great time.


The embodiment of winter

The Arlberg is a skiers dream - a magical place with countless possibilities. In the Ski School Arlberg skiers are in the best hands. With our exclusive programmes you can experience the true characteristics and strengths of winter in the Arlberg.

Children are happiest when they are together and when they can have fun and adventures with each other. In the Ski School Arlberg Children's World your kids will be well cared for.